At Piccadilly Institute, we know what it means to have a Christmas get-together everyone will be talking about. From the office Christmas party to your biggest night out of the year, we’ve got the frenzied goods to deliver what promises to be a brazen, fun filled celebration.

For a night of blissed-out foolishness with friends, book into one of our twisted rooms where you can laugh, drink and dance the night away under careful supervision of our bartenders. Self-medicate with our collection of festive-themed shots and cocktails, and let the music be your therapy as you forget the stresses of 2015 and join us in the delirium of season.

Corporate Christmas parties can also be held in our private rooms or full venue if required. Appease your guests with our choice of Christmas party food and treat them to a lavish drinks reception and/or bar tab.

For a London Christmas party venue like no other, you know where we are. Get ready to lose yourself the Piccadilly Institute.